We are providing a complete suite of Design and mapping services to the CATV industry. The design and implementation of a telecom network is a Herculean feat. AGISS has an Experienced team who can address the problem of telecom operator needs through a systematic production process and quality control.


Our List of Services


It is one of the categories in the concept of FTTx.

Where x can be home /business/premises etc.  FTTH is the delivery of a communications signal over optical Fibre from the operator’s switching equipment all the way to a home or business to provide unprecedented high-speed Internet access and TV signals.

Team AGISS has huge experience in Fibre Design especially FTTH.


HFC is a term used in telecom field for broadband network that combines Optical Fibre and coaxial cable. Light signals flow through the Fibre from head end to the optical Node, where the light beams are converted to Radio Frequency (RF) signals. The Radio signals are in turn sent over coaxial cable for distribution to subscriber for residential/commercial purposes.

AGISS mission is to provide superior design services to its clients. Our team is highly experienced in the following:

  • Standard HFC Design
  • HFC Node Splits and segmentations (Node+ 0)
  • Design drafting


Conversion of strand mapping information from Paper/written to the digital format. Input for strand mapping can be Cadastral or Field walk out maps. Strand mapping information varies from project to project depending on a client’s needs. It generally contains:

  • Addresses with/without leader line
  • Pole/Pedestal
  • Pole/Pedestal Numbers
  • House counts
  • Right of way

Team AGISS has solid experience in Strand Mapping. We have good strand drafting experience on every software platform. We also have good experience in Data Conversions from CAD to any GIS Systems.


Digitization of landbase information such as right of way, parcels, water bodies etc.

Digitization is process of converting the cadastral information (paper format maps) or the survey information which are in analog into digital format, means computer readable format. AGISS can deliver out put in any format based on the software used. Typically it will be Autocad “.dwg” or Bentley “.dgn” format.



We also have good knowledge in Civil and Electrical drawings. Efficiently create, modify, and document electrical controls systems with an industry-specific toolset for electrical design.


We have good knowledge in Survey. Field walkout and drawings.